Cancer Coaching is Just the Beginning …

We believe that every client deserves to be set up for long-term wellness. We offer a holistic approach that covers all aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, with recommendations that span both conventional and integrative medicine.  Our one-on-one interactions will keep you moving forward toward better health. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal health for a great future. 

Building on 30 years of experience in the medical field, and 15 years specializing in cancer, Jackie Shore, RN OCN has developed a program called “Focus on 4, Stronger in 7”, which is designed to fit the needs of people currently fighting an existing illness, people who are looking for ways to reduce the risk of recurrence, and people who are simply looking to stay healthy.

In addition, Jackie offers general patient advocacy and consultation services for those who need specific information and support for shorter periods of time. This pay-as-you-go program includes services such as Diagnosis Research, Medical Records Review, Medical Timeline Creation, Medication Analysis, and Physician Appointment Support.

If you’re ready to start on a path of better health, and are committed to success, we’re ready to help!