Focus on 4, Stronger in 7  

A comprehensive, integrative, personalized program designed to help you transform your life. 

Our Coaching Program consists of weekly ONE hour sessions for 12 weeks, followed by bi-weekly ONE hour sessions for an additional 12 weeks, for a grand total of 18 hours over 6 months.  During these meeting times, you will receive our undivided attention. If an emergency arises and you cannot be present for your pre-scheduled appointment, please notify your coach by email or phone immediately, and another time will be given to you. You are invited to email your coach at any time should you have questions or comments during the weeks of coaching. During the seventh month of the program, assuming payment in full has been received, you can contact your Coach with questions via email or phone up to six times within the seventh month. This additional month of communication is included in the cost of the program.

Program Weeks 1 – 12 (Months 1 – 3):  Each unit shown below is 3 weeks in duration, We start with your weakest area based on your previously submitted terrain assessment. Each week you will have homework assignments.  Feel free to reach out via text, email for additional support.

  • Unit 1:  Nutrition.  We will discuss the client’s current state, what they need to add or subtract from their diet, and develop a plan.  We will learn what kitchen appliances can make your life easier and how to make your kitchen healthy. We will discuss hydration, filters and systems.  We will give recipes and begin to implement new eating styles.
  • Unit 2: Nutrigenomics/Supplementation:  What is it? Why do we activate? What other key supplements are needed. You will have access to higher grade supplements with a discount through RN Patient Advocates on-line store. The cost of supplements is NOT included in the program fee.
  • Unit 3: Environment: We will discuss hormones and the importance of hormone balance. We will learn what exotoxins and endotoxins are. We will learn techniques to help our bodies eliminate toxins.  We will learn to balance our hormones with food.
  • Unit 4: Mind and Body: We will address exercise, sleep and emotions.  We will examine how negative emotions exacerbate “dis-ease” in the body.  We will discuss ways to interrupt our thought patterns.  We will learn about deep breathing, guided imagery, grounding, affirmations, tapping, journaling, mediation, laughter therapy, prayer and yoga.

Program Weeks 13 – 24 (Months 4 – 6):  We will focus on areas where you might need additional help.  We will continue to work on the four Health Units above, and give you additional education on how to stay well.  We will discuss your improvements, and help you continue to transform into the best YOU.

Program Weeks 25 – 28 (Month 7):  While you are working on your new health habits, you can contact your coach via email or phone up to six times over the four weeks.