Jackie Shore, RN, Certified Patient Advocate
Jackie Shore, RN, OCN, Patient Advocate, Certified Cancer Coach

Hi, I’m Jackie

Thanks for taking the time to stop and meet me. I am excited that you have chosen to empower yourself and take control of your health. I would love to be part of that journey, helping you, inspiring you and being your coach, advisor and cheerleader.

I am committed to empowering people in their healthcare choices through Advocacy, Education & Guidance. I will help you navigate through the often complex and confusing healthcare maze of physicians, pharmacists, hospitals, insurance companies and Medicare. I am a wife, mother, RN (Oncology Certified), Patient Advocate (specializing in Oncology), and Cancer Coach.

I wasn’t sure which field of nursing would be my specialty, but when oncology found me, I knew I was home. I’ve worked in many local offices, and I was especially skilled at teaching people how to manage and avoid side effects from chemotherapy.

I cherished the friendships I developed with those people, week after week, month after month. I think what made me standout is that I really listened and didn’t simply accept the status quo.  This enabled me to come up with creative/holistic out-of-the-box solutions.

Here’s what I mean. Looking for real change in your life?
Read the story below!

Alice (not her real name) had breast cancer, and was the medical power of attorney for her aging mother who lived out of state.  Yet the doctor just told her that her cancer had spread and that she was terminal.  She came back into the therapy room and was crying.  I listened …. she shared.  She was going to be on chemotherapy for the rest of her life, and she was so worried because of her mother –  what would happen if she died before her mother?  She had not even told her mother or anyone in her family (native American) that she was being treated.  Later that morning, I had a discussion with the doctor, sharing these concerns.  The doctor then adjusted her treatment plan to include trips to see her mother.

I really love helping people find their voices.  Many people go into the system (biopsy, chemotherapy, and radiation) and do not even realize that it’s their choice and that there are other options out there.  I want to empower you with the knowledge to make educated decisions for your care.

By example, consider Barbara (65, not her real name), newly diagnosed with stage 3 Lung Cancer.  The NCCN standard chemotherapy treatment is Cisplatin/Navelbine for 16 weeks.  Her doctor told her this would be her treatment.  From my experience as an Oncology Certified Nurse I learned that Cisplatin is very emetogenic (causes nausea and vomiting) and is also known to exacerbate hearing loss.   Barbara had awful morning sickness during pregnancy (which correlates to nausea with chemotherapy), and she also suffers from hearing loss. I read a study that showed another drug, a cousin to Cisplatin called Carboplatin, could possibly be a better choice for Barbara as it was less emetogenic and less impactful to hearing loss, but was just as effective in fighting cancer.  I explained the study to Barbara and she decided she wanted to ask the doctor if he would consider using this as her therapy instead of the NCCN guideline therapy.  The doctor agreed.  Barbara made her choice, and had a smoother chemotherapy experience because of it.  She is still going strong.

Harry (not his real name) had prostate cancer 16 years prior to meeting me and had his prostate removed.  In 2016, his PSA numbers started rising, he was 74 at the time. Both of his daughters were concerned that at his age, therapy- chemo, radiation or hormone therapy could be life altering.  I met with Harry and his daughters and I educated them that prostate cancer for men is like Breast cancer for women.  Harry shared his diet was poor.  We discussed getting a second opinion, he never even thought to do that, so he did.  I educated him on all the lifestyle choices that could impact his diagnosis- first diet and hydration were addressed, then all his personal care items, cleaning products, were changed to cleaner non toxic ones.  We added more prayer. Then we discussed activation and supplementation.  Each year, he attends his appointments and calls to  share his good news…

Since 2011 when I opened my patient advocacy business, I have helped many people on various health journeys, and I have learned many things.  First, G-d gave us two ears and one mouth, so when working with clients, I do a lot of listening.  People are often afraid to ask questions, or to speak up.  I will empower you and give you the courage to speak up – you are your own best doctor, and you know your body better than anyone.  Second, patients need to feel like they have choices, not just what a single doctor says.  I have heard from too many people over my career saying, “I didn’t know I had a choice.”  I will help you understand and assess your choices.  Third, so many people have shared that when they are first diagnosed, everything seems out of control.  I will help you get back in control, by showing you all the lifestyle modifications you can make to help you control your health.

You are integral piece of the healthcare team, it is your health!  I care, I really care about you.  My role is to help you make sure you understand and empower you with the tools to recover and achieve optimal health.  After all it is YOUR VOICE, YOUR CHOICE, YOUR HEALTH.

Professional Bio

Jackie Shore, RN, featured on Health Futures, the Bob Roth-Cypress Home Care radio broadcast in 2014

Jackie Shore, RN OCN, is the founder of RN Patient Advocates of Arizona, PLLC. She is a registered nurse with 15 years of oncology experience. Jackie graduated from Montgomery College in 2003 with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Jackie received certificates in Patient Advocacy (2011), Cancer Coaching (2015), and Nutrigenomics (2019). After helping her mother navigate her Stage 3 lung cancer journey, helping her make educated decisions, her mother asked, “what do people do if they don’t have someone like you?” That question lingered in the back of her mind, and that is what led her to take a class and learn how to advocate for others. In the Spring of 2011, Jackie founded RN Patient Advocates of Arizona, PLLC, with a goal of expanding healthcare options to her clients, and helping her clients navigate the “medical maze.”

Today, Jackie’s focus is on cancer, and her clients include people who are currently being treated for cancer, people who have reach remission and want to reduce the risk of recurrence, and people who are simply looking for better health habits that can reduce the risk of a first cancer diagnosis.

As a youth, Jackie loved caring for people and learning about health and disease. Life situations delayed Jackie’s goal of becoming a nurse, but she never lost sight of her dream. Already into her 30s, and with three small children in tow, Jackie finally received her RN, and immediately went to work in the field. Prior to founding RN Patient Advocates of Arizona, PLLC, Jackie held nursing positions in local hospitals, home health and school nursing, until ultimately settling in oncology. RN Patient Advocates of Arizona, PLLC started by servicing all types of clients with all types of concerns. Over time, it became clear that the overwhelming number of cases were cancer-related, which led to the company’s renewed focus.

Jackie is originally from New York, and has lived in Arizona since 2003. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and cooking. Jackie is married and has three grown children, and she enjoys spending time with the entire family.