• Jackie helped our family navigate the complexities of cancer treatment when my Mother was sick. It was such a comfort to have Jackie's knowledge of cancer treatments, as well as her willingness to research all possibilities for keeping my Mom as comfortable as possible. She is a compassionate caregiver, a highly trained nurse and a shoulder to cry on. We are so happy to have found Jackie. She helped us immeasurably during our most difficult time.

  • I met Jackie Shore, Several years ago, after my 89-year-old Dad was visiting our son in Scottsdale and through happenstance ended up with shingles. He was taken to Scottsdale Shea Hospital. We were not familiar with the Arizona Medical community. The hospital wanted him out. It was crunch time. We were introduced to Jackie by acquaintances of friend’s acquaintances…It was a total blessing. She guided us through that move and became Dad’s patient advocate with wonderful results. We had to be out of the state for a period of time so she became our eyes, ears and voice to make sure Dad was being treated properly. Her medical expertise and local knowledge of sources was incomparable.

    Moving forward, I was diagnosed with the return of prostate cancer. It had been two and a half years since I had a radical prostatectomy. The suggested treatment was radiation. I had chosen to do no radiation after surgery and was devastated to think that would be inevitable and now required. I am a skeptic! I have a great deal of trouble accepting that radiation, which causes cancer, will also cure you. Therefore, I chose no radiation. The determination was made that we would retest in three months. My quest for alternatives began. That’s when Jackie Shore II started…not knowing what to do next and with my head swirling with Internet information, we contacted Jackie in early December. She was quick to respond and we met a few days later. We discussed my history and she made her suggestions. The bottom line was a total life-style alteration accompanied by some supplementation and Activation, personal introspection and spirituality. Jackie made it clear that I needed to detox my body of chemicals and anything that my immune system may be working to combat. Basically tear my system down, clean it up and then only consume and come in contact with non-toxins. Key to all of this is a healthy gut which is at the center of a strong immune system. Have your immune system do the work it was intended to do with no interference! I jumped in with both feet. It by no means was easy, but I had real incentives. It would require total commitment!

    Fast forward to March 9, 2020! After blood testing and an MRI, with and without contrast, I accomplished what I set out to do. Jackie had shared a story about another prostate cancer patient of hers that had his Doctors scratching their heads. I did just that also! Much to my delight, my P.S.A. had dropped to undetectable and the suspect spots on the prostate bed were no longer there. My Doctor was flabbergasted. Mission accomplished! I know this is something that may reoccur, and I must live with. Therefore I will stay with the regimen. Jackie provided me with the tools to use and I worked with them. A huge Thank You to Jackie Shore for sharing her expertise to our family in both circumstances

  • 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, my oncologist recommended, chemo and radiation or surgery. I asked the doctor if that was his game plan, he said yes, I said goodbye. My daughters introduced me to Jackie and she put me on a really strict diet, which I am still on today- All gluten free, organic, No sugar, No dairy. I have also added prayer and a more godlike presence into my life. I also use some supplementation and activation. I am proud to say my doctor is still scratching head. I will keep doing this, as this is my new way of life. I have energy and still work full time as a gentlemen in my late 70’s and feel great!

  • Jackie helped me get through my difficult and atypical journey with breast cancer with knowledgeable, dependable and understanding care. She was available and encouraging throughout my treatment and continued to check up on me long afterward. I felt safe in her capable hands.

  • Jackie has been helping my mother with some health issues. She is a true professional by researching new ideas for both conventional and alternative treatments. She is thorough and is a great advocate. She asks the pertinent questions and is persistent with medical personnel on my mother's behalf. She truly cares about her clients.

    Sherry J.
  • Jackie Shore is a gift! Determined, diligent, conscientious, appropriately aggressive and passionate, Jackie's tireless patient advocacy can really help take care of her clients and their families in times of need. ​Navigating the medical system can be difficult and in times of illness, when our internal resources are often depleted, we need someone to advocate for us, help us understand our options, research alternatives and help the doctors understand our needs, and even catch critical mistakes that are made all too often.

    Rabbi S

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